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At Alliance Emergency Veterinary Clinic and Wellness Center we are dedicated to identifying and treating your pet's needs in order to provide them with the best quality of life. At AEVC we acknowledge the needs and benefits of modern medicine, however it is within our beliefs to use these methods appropriately and only when these methods are necessary. Here at AEVC we prioritize preventative medicine and treatments for our patients that are non-surgical, non-invasive, encouraging to the body to heal, not overwhelming to the body, and over-all natural.


Dr. Holland and her team of medical professionals believe that health issues that your pet may encounter must be solved at the root of the problem. Although there are many complications your pet can encounter that require treatment through modern medicine, there are many problems pets can encounter that can be solved through simpler methods such as a change in diet or eliminating certain stressor in the environment.


Dr. Holland and her team believe in taking initiative with holistic methods when pets can be assisted without the use of allopathic medicines, such as antibiotics and other chemical medications. A dialogue will be opened up with our clients, providing an education about our beliefs and about these methods. We want our clients to have a full understanding about their pet's care and treatment options. 


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