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Our Veterinarians

  • Lori R. Holland
    VMD, Chief of Staff/Owner
    Lori R. Holland, VMD, Chief of Staff/Owner
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  • Deborah Burke
    Dr. Deborah Burke grew up in Randolph, NJ and has been a part of the Alliance family since high school.
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  • Mandeep Mini
    Mandeep Mini, DVM

Lori R. Holland

VMD, Chief of Staff/Owner

Doctor HollandDr. Lori Holland graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School obtaining The Veterinariae Medicinae Doctoris (VMD) degree in 1987. After working in a full-service medical day practice and a specialty feline-only practice for a number of years, she found her niche in emergency and critical care medicine. Alliance Emergency was opened in July of 1994 and has been a cornerstone of care in Morris County ever since. Doctor Holland raised her 6 children, 3 canines and 4 felines while working nights, weekends and holidays for 24 years here at AEVC. 

"I believe that pet owners should be given all of the information available so that they have the tools needed to make an informed decision regarding their babies. That's the true marking of a medical team- mom, dad and the veterinarian." 

With the opening of our Wellness Center and the At-Home euthanasia services, Doctor Holland truly is able to offer care throughout every stage of your pet's life.

Deborah Burke


Dr. Burke

Dr. Deborah Burke grew up in Randolph, NJ and has been a part of the Alliance Emergency Veterinary Clinic family since her teenage years where she worked at AEVC as a technician until she graduated from Randolph High School. She then went on to Lehigh University to study Molecular Biology. After college she went to Atlantic Veterinary College on Prince Edward Island and earned a degree in Veterinary Medicine. Doctor Burke has been practicing veterinary medicine for 17 years in Morris County. She currently lives in Randolph with her family and three dogs where she looks forward to many years here caring for your pets throughout all stages of their lives. You can find Dr. Burke at AEVC during our wellness clinic hours, Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm. 

Mandeep Mini



Bill F.

Chief Operating Officer


Bill entered into the world of veterinary medicine in 2005 when living in Tucson, Arizona where he grew and then opened two animal specialty/emergency practices as Chief Operating Officer. Born and raised in northern New Jersey, Bill return to NJ in 2012 with his husband and four dogs. Here Bill became the Hospital Administrator for RBVH in Cherry Hill, followed by the opening of a 25,000 square foot facility in Mount Laurel NJ in 2016. Bill's love for animals has allowed him to develop a passion for the field of veterinary medicine and devote his career to owners and their beloved pets. Bill joined AEVC in 2018 as Chief Operating Officer. He strives to combine his professional experiences in accounting and business management with his love for animals in order to create a hospital environment where every client, pet, and staff member feels safe and confident in our practice.

Veterinary Technicians and Assistants

Jose H.

Senior Technician


Alliance Emergency Veterinary Clinic's senior technician, Jose, has over 30 years of experience working with animals and in animal care. Starting as a handler at the Animal Medical Center in New York City, Jose worked beside studying Veterinarians for over 7 years. Jose then joined the New York University family as the senior caretaker of primates at NYU's Research Facility. After his time as a caretaker for animals Jose trained as a technician at Animal Emergency and Referral Associates for 8 years. Jose then worked at Valley Central Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center for 5 years, and then at Gotham Veterinary Hospital for 2 years. After honing his skills in critical and emergency animal care, Jose has since worked for Alliance Emergency Veterinary Clinic. Two years later, you can find Jose at AEVC during emergency hours ready for any patient that comes his way.

Tegan D.


Born and raised in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, technician Tegan grew up on a farm surrounded by animals. Starting as a young girl, Tegan bred and showed Quarter and Paint horses well into her early adulthood. Tegan was brought up with her grandmother who bred the Maltese dog breed inspiring Tegan to become a Maltese/Poodle breeder which she committed to for over ten years. Tegan began her professional career in animal care training as a technician for three years at Banfield Pet Hospital. After her time there, Tegan transitioned into animal emergency and critical care where she gained experience and a love for the field at Animerge 24 Hour Emergency Animal Hospital. Since then, Tegan has joined our team and has been with us for nearly two years; loving and caring for every animal that has come through our doors here at AEVC.

Juliana L.


Our newest Veterinary Technician lives right here in Randolph, New Jersey with her 2 dogs and 2 cats. A graduate from Berkley College, Juliana obtained her degree in nursing. After entering the work force, Juliana discovered her true passions lie amongst her love for animals. This is when Juliana decided to make the switch into animal care. Originally starting as a client here at AEVC, Juliana has joined our team and now devotes herself to animal emergency and critical care until the day she returns back to school to pursue her dreams of becoming a Veterinarian herself. 

Max G.


maxApproaching his one year anniversary here at Alliance Emergency Veterinary Clinic, Max is AEVC's wellness clinic's Veterinary Assistant. Although Max is a New Jersey native he was partially raised in Ohio where he ignited his career in animal care at Claremont Veterinary Clinic. After returning to New Jersey, Max continued to care for animals working at Eleventh Hour Rescue and the Wooster Humane Society. Max then attended the County College of Morris where he obtained a Certificate for Veterinary Assisting through the state of New Jersey. Once Max finalizes his experience working side by side with Dr. Burke here at AEVC, he aspires to become an Exotic Animal Veterinarian and stay local with his cat, Hammie!

Jesus H.


Approaching his one year anniversary with Alliance Emergency Veterinary Clinic, veterinary assistant, Jesus, has always had a passion for animals. A native of Puerto Rico, Jesus grew up in New York with his two pitbulls. After Jesus' sister-in-law introduced him to Dr. Holland, Jesus decided to pursue a career in emergency animal care. Jesus has been educated and trained under the supervision of Doctor Holland herself. Jesus plans to continue his work here at AEVC and aspires to become a certified Veterinary Technician in the near future.

Micah H.


Veterinary assistant and youngest daughter to Doctor Holland, Micah has spent her whole life surrounded by the animals under her mother's care here at AEVC. Growing up, Micah raised birds, reptiles, rodents, dogs, and cats as she has a natural passion for animals and their well-being. From the ripe age of 8 Micah started witnessing and helping where she could with small tasks at AEVC. At the age of 14 Micah began her training as a Veterinary Assistant working side by side with Dr. Holland herself. On her spare time Micah enjoys doing odd jobs like pet sitting and fundraising for animal shelters by making and selling jewelry. Micah aspires to attend Veterinary School in the fall of 2020, following right in her mother's footsteps.   

Client Services 

Lilly R.


A New Jersey native, our client services supervisor grew up locally with her dog and four cats. Now owning two cats of her own, Lilly has always had a passion for animals. Lilly has been in the Client Services field for 8 years, the business administration field for over 5 years, and has held status as a supervisor for more than 4 years. Lilly's love for animals, mixed with her compassionate for clients and knowledge in customer service, is sure to make every client experience here at AEVC smooth and comfortable.

Brenda Z.


Born and raised in Texas, Brenda is a first timer to the New Jersey area. Growing up with dogs, Brenda always had a passion for animals, and now lives locally with her husband and 3 canine children. Brenda has obtained a Bachelor's of Science in Health Administration from the University of Phoenix, concentrating her studies in Health Management. In her past, Brenda has worked as a nursing assistant and has over 8 years of experience working in customer service. Brenda's education combined with her skills and passion will make any client's experience here at AEVC easy and informed.

Alyssa D.

Representative / Marketing Coordinator

Alyssa has joined the Alliance Emergency Veterinary Clinic because of her love for animals and passion for customer service. Alyssa has over six years of experience in the customer service industry, where she has proved her commitment and understanding of quality customer care. A graduate from the State University of New York at Albany, Alyssa has obtained a Bachelor's degree in Marketing allowing her to assist AEVC with all of our public outreach and promotional tools. Alyssa is committed to helping AEVC expand while committing to our mission of client involvement and education. 

Channon Gunther, Hospital Administrator

Receptionists, Assistants and Technician Staff:

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  • Tegan D.
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  • Hope G.
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