"Hands down best vet we've been to!"

         "Thank you all so much for the amazing care, love, and support you showed for 

us in the past 24hours. We are so appreciative for everything."


"The kindness and professionals of everyone there made us feel confident that he was 

in good hands. You did an amazing job putting our baby back together. He started to eat 

on his own yesterday and again today! He is our world and we are so thankful."


 "I would like to thank all who were involved in helping my Ralph recover! You 

all saved him and I couldn't thank you enough . Everyone was so wonderful!"


"Thank you to your awesome staff also we couldn’t have asked 

for better professionals to take care of our beloved animals." 


"Dear Dr. Holland and Staff, It is impossible to express how grateful we are for your care and love you
showed Rocky this past weekend. God was watching over us when he brought us to you. Thank you."


"So my dog ate some poison. Took my dog to Alliance where they began inducing vomiting 

and flushing liver. Another vet hospital tried to guilt me into keeping my dog there long term 

so they can make $ not Alliance. I would go back there again with confidence!! 

Dog is in great shape and got her mojo back"

"Thank you so much for the care everyone gave Buster you all are truly angels. 

We felt how much Bus wasn't just a patient but an animal who was loved 

while he was there. Thank you very much for giving us humans the 

support while going through the process with Buster."


"Dear Alliance, I wanted to thank you so much for treating Phoebe like royalty and taking such 

good care of her. I am forever in your debt! She is 13 today and I get to spend another birthday with 

Her! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You all are great, wonderful, loving, fantastic people."


"Everyone was wonderful and super nice! I felt very at ease leaving my pet there for 3 nights 

because she needed to be confined. They told me how much it was going to cost and I said yes 

to everything because I didn't want to spare anything when it comes to my pet's well-being. I also 

have major medical coverage (not just wellness) for my pet which is the responsible thing to do. 

After that, the staff even recommended what food is best for her (Solid Gold) and 

she's doing a lot better than the other brand. Yes, Solid Gold is more expensive but if I 

don't eat junk food myself, why should I feed junk food to my dog?"

"We wanted to write to you to express our gratitude and appreciation for your assistance and 

support during our visit with Mufasa. That night was like something out of a horrible nightmare 

and we had no idea what to expect walking in and we were greeted with warmth and compassion. 

We were really comforted by your calm nature and overall presence. Additionally, everyone at 

the office was wonderful at communicating with us during every step of the process. You all are 

wonderful human beings who have true talent and ability to care for animals and calm their 

owners in such stressful times. We will recommend this facility in the future to our friends 

and their pets in an emergency. Thank you again for your warmth , compassion and help."


"Roo was treated for an eye infection by the vet on Easter evening. 

Please thank the vet for being diligent in her examination. It was 

determined that Roo see an ophthalmology specialist to rule out 

tumor which will take place today. Had your vet not done the 

glaucoma test, we wouldn’t have known about the borderline 

eye pressure and follow up would not have happened."


"Thank you so much for taking such good care of our Ollie-Bear 

throughout the year- P.S. Oliver really loves you guys!"


"Dr. Holland and Staff, I can't thank you enough for the wonderful care and kindness you showed Sammie, 

me, and my family during these months. Really tough watching Sammie suffer but I know all 

of you helped her and comforted her through til the end. I Appreciate everything you have done for us."

"Dr. Holland and the team at Alliance Emergency, Thank you so much for taking such 

amazing care of our beloved Echo. Words cannot really describe how grateful we are."


"Thank you all for showing compassion for our beloved pet Dusty. 

We greatly appreciated your help during that difficult time."


"Thank you so very much for the wonderful compassionate and caring service you offered my family and I during a very 

difficult time for us. I am so grateful you were there during a holiday weekend. I don’t know what we would 

have done without you. It was the first time my family had to euthanize our oldest dog."

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